Joseph B. Urban

Joe Urban consults with the National Charter Schools Institute on governance and policy issues related to charter school boards. He is also a practicing school lawyer as a member of the Education Law Practice Group of the law firm Clark Hill PLC. Joe has worked with schools and education-related stakeholders for nearly two decades. He counsels them on their operational needs, including resource capacity, procurement, contracts, human resources, labor, employment litigation, and municipal finance.

Joe also routinely serves as a facilitator and trainer to schools and their stakeholders. Joe’s work in this arena centers on organizational growth and capacity building. Joe is regularly asked to advise on adapting to organizational change, and he has been sought out to resolve conflicts among stakeholders. Joe’s approach to the legal and facilitative aspects of his practice is to build a common understanding among stakeholders about the enterprise so that proactive steps may be taken to predict and manage change and opportunities. Among the educational entities Joe has coached are traditional public school districts, charter school boards, authorizing bodies, and intermediate school districts. Joe also works with charter school service providers of all sizes.

Joe is motivated by a desire to have a profound impact on the education marketplace and focuses on empowering boards and school leadership to govern for breakthrough results, so that as educators and stakeholders, they may realize their core mission—preparing students for success in college, work, and life. Through his strategic coaching and consulting work with the Institute, Joe is enabling leaders to differentiate between governance and management, to assess operational needs, and to ensure that their school fulfills its mission with fidelity and stands the test of time.

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