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  • Plan to Win


    If you are ready to come face-to-face with your toughest challenger, this book is for you. You will look in the mirror and put together a Plan to Win that will forever change your life. Learn more at

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    1-5       $14.95
    6-12     $13.45    (10% discount)
    13-29   $11.95    (20% discount)
    30+.     $10.00    (33% discount)

    Also available on eBook an Audiobook

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  • Save Your Ship! How to Protect Your Charter School Through Systematic Risk Management


    A concept and practice known as “enterprise risk management” has existed in the business world for decades, although it really began gaining traction after the corporate scandals in publicly traded companies in the early 2000s that destroyed billions in wealth.

    Pricing breaks:
    1-5       $29.99
    6-12     $26.99  (10% discount)
    13-29   $23.99  (20% discount)
    30+      $20.99  (30% discount)