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Giving students a chance to be heard!

The Institute has a rich history in our home state's charter public schools sector. Because of this, we are so proud of the thousands of students who annually attend charter schools throughout Michigan, and of the thousands of parents, teachers, school leaders, and charter school board members who are hard at work each day to help kids succeed. To celebrate National Charter Schools Week each year and to encourage charter school students to show pride in their schools and show the positive, transformative impact charter schools are having on children every day, we are proud to annually sponsor a statewide essay contest. We started the Essay Contest in 2016 and have since received an overwhelming response -- hearts and minds are inspired and students are dreaming big dreams!


And the winners are...

This has been a tough school year, but we've been so encouraged by all the hope and positively we've seen towards schools. Thanks for giving your schools the boosts they've needed!

You bragged and we listened! Here are the most impressive #schoolbrags of the 2020 Essay Contest: