Governing for Results

Board Policy Portal

“The National Charter Schools Institute is doing some of the best work in the country with respect to board governance.”

Dr. Bryan Hassel, Founder/President, Public Impact

Boards play an essential role in ensuring their organization fulfills its mission with fidelity and stands the test of time. By clearly differentiating governance from management, we help boards govern for results by better understanding their roles and responsibilities. We offer:

  • Board Policy: We have developed standard charter school board policies that provide regulatory compliance to state and federal laws and reflect best governing practices. These practically organized, customized policies are straight-forward, user friendly and accessible online “24/7.” The  accompanying board policy updates (produced and delivered bi-annually) help ensure that your individual school board policies remain current.
  • Board Training and Development: From the time board members take the oath of public office, it is essential that they understand their respective roles, responsibilities and relationships that relate to their public service. In their capacity as public officials, board members are responsible for ensuring a positive learning environment for students, good stewardship of public resources and integrity to the charter contract. Our comprehensive board training and development approach addresses every aspect of effective board governance, along with offering a framework for navigating the authorizer/board/operator relationship.
  • Performance Evaluation(s): While boards have the structural flexibility to delegate the day-to-day operations of the schools over which they govern to a school leader/operator, it is important that they establish and maintain a sound system for ensuring that agreed upon goals are being met. It is incumbent upon the board to develop an evaluation system that provides for, at a minimum, an annual, formal evaluation of its school leader and/or operator. We offer assistance in this area by providing comprehensive evaluation tools, along with consultation on how to administer the evaluation in an effective, “win-win” format.
  • Board Coaching: Running an effective meeting, while focusing on the wildly important work of board governance is not always as easy as it sounds. Through ours coaching service, we help boards identify strategies to engage in meaningful dialogue at the board table – dialogue that lends to robust discussions and actions around outcomes versus inputs. Recognizing that board composition changes over time, we will assist in the development of sustainable tools and processes that will help guarantee effective board governance well into the future.
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