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Winning Culture

We want teammates who are humble, confident, courageous and embrace our values, noble cause and compelling mission.

  • We get to know our teammates and develop relationships of trust and respect.
  • We encourage ideas, diverse perspectives, and are open to feedback.
  • We put the goals of our team and our partners ahead of our own.
  • We presume positive intentions and confront conflict with dignity and grace.
  • We are willing to try new approaches to improve our efficiency and effectiveness.

Vice President for Authorizing Services

Do you ever dream of being part of a diverse and dynamic team that is all-in on making education work better for our kids and our country? If so, we need to connect.

We are the National Charter Schools Institute. A non-profit working to change the arc of education. KIDS! are the WHY behind all we do. We don’t run schools. But we do make them better by inspiring, equipping, and supporting the adults who authorize, govern, lead and support them.

We are on a mission to grow and diversify our team. We want teammates who are humble, confident, courageous - and embrace our organizational values. To us, it’s more than a job. We have a noble cause and a compelling mission.

Currently, we are searching for a Vice President for Authorizing Services.

Charter School Superintendent

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The National Charter Schools Institute is leading the search for the da Vinci Schools which is seeking a Superintendent who has the passion, knowledge, and skills to lead and grow a well-established and yet innovative charter public school in Jackson, Michigan. Learn more about this position...