Jennifer Mason

Loves conversations, family, cute dogs, meeting new people, and supporting teams.

Eireen Johnson

Fond of her kids, flowers, cats, smooth processes, and getting every detail dialed in.

Becky Nix

Loves reading books, gardening, and increasing users’ comfort level in using their sites.

Casey Truelove

Values family, friends, and faith, and enjoys helping people optimize their Epicenter experience.

Sylvia Silva

Enjoys time with her mom, Hawaiian sunsets, all things education and developing relationships with our partners.

Laura Goldswer

Loves her boys, adventure, living life to its fullest, and helping people everyday.

Stephanie McKean

Enjoys family, time with friends and ensuring Epicenter meets the needs of our partners.

Meghann Murphy

Enjoys traveling, family, and building valuable relationships with our partners.