Lisa Bergman

Excited to be in large groups of people and passionate about school systems that work.

Alyson Murphy

Enjoys crisp mountain air and solving challenging problems.

Wendy Larvick

Enjoys family, reading, learning and organizing complex projects.

Naomi Rubin DeVeaux

Enjoys family, logic puzzles, all things academia and creating better ways to measure student success.

Mark J. Weinberg

Experienced world traveler, who is passionate about learning and providing great schools for kids.

James N. Goenner, Ph.D.

Jim Goenner serves as President & CEO of the National Charter Schools Institute

Jacklyn Mullikin

Loves spending time with family, forecasting and crunching numbers.

Jill K. Urban

Enjoys supporting and nurturing people, teams, family, English bulldogs, and her gardens.

Mary Bradley

Passionate about traveling, exploring other cultures and providing great educational options.