Institute is Experienced in Strengthening Authorizers

Great authorizers ensure that the schools they charter deliver results. We have a passion in supporting authorizers because they can be the catalyst for change and excellence in education. We strive to give authorizers the tools so the schools they charter can be innovative and help kids achieve their dreams.

Our team, which includes Dr. James N. Goenner and Dr. Darlene Chambers, both of whom led charter school offices, has over 60 combined years of experience in education as well as in authorizing and developing charter schools.

“Becoming an authorizer is a significant step in the world of education,” Dr. Chambers said. “Institutions must balance numerous factors—such as benefits, risks, and political and legal liabilities—with the desire to help launch schools that help students reach their full potential. We work with organizations to determine if they have the tools and help them either find or grow the capacity to become a successful authorizer.”

One service offered by the Institute to ensure that future authorizers are prepared is to explain the core legal functions of authorizers, the resources they need to be successful, and common challenges that they may experience in providing quality oversight, as well as best practices in addressing these issues. There are academic, financial and operational expectations all authorizers need to address. We share how to deliver on these expectations and work with groups to help them turn their vision into a portfolio of successful schools.

Some authorizers are also considering an expansion of the portfolio of schools they charter. The Institute team uses our decades of national experience to help them work through potential issues, establish realistic short- and long-term strategic goals, and determine whether they have the capacity to expand.

We have also conducted extensive work to establish a shared vision and values, develop relationships of mutual trust and respect, and clarify performance expectations so there are no surprises among the schools they authorize. This is done through the development of policies and practices needed to charter, oversee, support and hold accountable a portfolio of quality schools.

Put the extensive authorizing expertise of the Institute to work for you to grow and strengthen your capacity.


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