Create more time for your core mission. Epicenter is a powerful, web-based system that leading authorizers, boards, schools, management organizations and others are using to improve their performance and productivity. Epicenter automates compliance and reporting, makes data and documents accessible anywhere anytime, and charts academic and financial performance in a way
everyone can understand.

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Great schools require great oversight and accountability. This is often an overlooked or under-resourced role in the charter schools movement, yet key for the charter promise to be fulfilled. Our passion to equip authorizers for the crucial work they do and to positively shape the educational landscape is the core motivation behind Epicenter’s® development.


We want to help authorizers effectively and efficiently manage the communications and exchange of information and documentation necessary to fulfill all the legal, contractual, and regulatory reporting requirements associated with schools.


Epicenter® is the embodiment of our passion: a web-based software system leading authorizers around the country are using to organize, streamline, and automate this work 24/7/365. We hope that Epicenter becomes the base — or epicenter — upon which you, your team, and your charter schools rely to end the paper chase and get the peace of mind that comes from knowing your organization is on top of its game.


Jim Goenner
Founding Team, Epicenter (Formerly AOIS)
President and CEO, National Charter Schools Institute


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