The Safe School Seven: Remote Education Plans

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Critical Components of Remote Education Plans

Authorizing in School Year 2020-21: Ready for Anything!
Given that charter schools are generally smaller, and less bureaucratic, they are positioned to respond to and navigate through these unprecedented times nimbly and quickly. Charter school authorizers must also act nimbly and quickly to create the conditions for schools’ governance and leadership teams to successfully meet the needs of their students and fulfill their mission. This means that authorizers may need to fast-track charter amendments that allow schools to provide learning remotely; incorporate additional or substitute assessments in charter goals; and offer families choice in delivery methods, which may be captured in a remote learning plan addendum to a charter contract or agreement. This document seeks to provide charter school authorizers and boards with the critical components, descriptions, and examples or prompts to think through the most effective learning plans for students. It was created by National Charter School Institute and Don Soifer, of Nevada Action for School Options. Don has served on charter authorizing boards in Nevada and the District of Columbia, on school governing boards in several states, and has published many articles, testimonies and presentations on topics related to both personalized and blended learning implementation as well as charter school policy, governance, and research.

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The Safe School Seven: Critical Components of Remote Learning Plans Checklist

There are multiple ways of delivering and facilitating learning when not in person. To ensure equal access, appropriate accommodations, and considerations for families and staff, remote learning plans will include many methods from on-line instruction to books, paper and pen. Some will have students learning at the same time (synchronous) and others will have students self-pace (asynchronous), and many will use a combination of both.

Critical Components of Remote Education Plans

In response to authorizers requesting guidance on reviewing Education Plans for School Year 2020-21, when we need to be ready for anything, the National Charter School Institute partnered with Don Soifer of Nevada Action for School Options, to create a guide for authorizers to use when requesting and reviewing remote education plans. The guide contains topics, descriptions, and examples or questions.


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