Facilities Consulting

Create an environment where students can thrive

A school's single largest asset is the facility itself and its sole purpose is serving students programmatically and operationally with fiscal stewardship for the future. Too often Academies are not realizing the incredible opportunities available to maximize their facility and create lasting positive academic and financial change. From optimizing space usage with multi-year space and enrollment planning, to real estate issues, facility maintenance, and capital expense planning partner with charter school specific knowledge, skills, and expertise to take your academy to new heights.

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We have something for every stage of a school.

Facilities Advisory

Supporting leaders with initiatives through insight and guidance to advance their projects.

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Strategic Services

Applying charter school specific knowledge and skills with advanced services and tailored solutions.

Project Management

Leading implementation with experience and expertise.

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Fresh Take Space Evaluation

Get a site visit from a space usage expert to help drive change.

Floor Plan Update and Data Diagnostic

Know exactly the space you have with an objective data set and clean floor plan.

Space Assessments

Create an in-depth study of how space is used to identify improvement.

Space Use and Enrollment Optimization

Maximize revenue with the building you already have.

Multi-Year Space Planning

Chart the course for the future of your academy.

Renovation and Addition Planning

Develop the road map to building improvement with an expert.

Physical Plant Descriptions

Update you building description for you charter contract.

New School Planning and Construction

Plan with expert advisory, services, and project management across the process.

Facility Condition Reviews

Get an outside assessment of your school including checklist of items to tackle.

Lease Evaluations

Get analytics and insights to support you at the negotiating table.

Charter School Rent Analysis

Know the lease market for schools in your area.

Meet our school facilities expert

Dustin Sommer

Dustin has experience working on nearly 20 new school construction projects, numerous building renovations and additions, and has completed nearly 100 space assessments. He has a Master of Architecture, Bachelors of Science in Civil Engineering, and a Graduate Certificate of Real Estate Development. With his breadth of experience in the charter sector and depth of training, he knits together the big picture when it comes to school facilities.