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We Care.

Our mission is to support the thinkers and doers who give their all to advance excellence in education for our kids and our country.

Work with passionate professionals, who have walked in your shoes—as authorizers, board members, school leaders, teachers, and even lawmakers. From coaching to systems and tools, we have solutions for your needs. We serve those who support and educate kids.

James N. Goenner, Ph.D.

President & CEO

Jim Goenner serves as President & CEO of the National Charter Schools Institute

Mary Bradley

Chief Operating Officer

Passionate about traveling, exploring other cultures and providing great educational options.

Naomi Rubin DeVeaux


Enjoys family, logic puzzles, all things academia and creating better ways to measure student success.

Mark J. Weinberg

Vice President for Leadership & Learning

Experienced world traveler, who is passionate about learning and providing great schools for kids.

Lisa Bergman


Excited to be in large groups of people and passionate about school systems that work.

Alyson Murphy


Enjoys crisp mountain air and solving challenging problems.

Wendy Larvick

Director of Policy & Partnerships

Enjoys family, reading, learning and organizing complex projects.

Jill K. Urban

Chief of Staff

Enjoys supporting and nurturing people, teams, family, English bulldogs, and her gardens.

Jacklyn Mullikin

Vice President for Finance & Administration

Loves spending time with family, forecasting and crunching numbers.

Cassi Andries

Board Policies Administrative Coordinator

Brave Veteran, mom, roller derby superstar, who loves her St. Bernards and helping our partners succeed.

Stephen Dillbeck

Multimedia Designer

Loves his kiddos, extreme biking, new tech, and using intriguing storytelling in video and design.

Zac Driver


Enjoys coaching softball, being a family man and helping others problem-solve technology challenges.

Laura Goldswer

Epicenter Support Specialist

Loves her boys, adventure, living life to its fullest, and helping people everyday.

Eireen Johnson

Epicenter Support Specialist

Fond of her kids, flowers, cats, smooth processes, and getting every detail dialed in.

Nikki Lynch

Digital Communications Manager

Loves time with family, all things pumpkin spice, creative projects and taking on new marketing challenges.

Jennifer Mason

Epicenter Support Specialist

Loves conversations, family, cute dogs, meeting new people, and supporting teams.

Stephanie McKean

Project Manager

Enjoys family, time with friends and ensuring Epicenter meets the needs of our partners.

Meghann Murphy

Epicenter Director of Partner Development

Enjoys traveling, family, and building valuable relationships with our partners.

Christina Musinski

Creative Services Manager

Passionate about adventuring, kittens, simplifying the complex and creating clean, effective design.

Becky Nix

Epicenter Support Specialist

Loves reading books, gardening, and increasing users' comfort level in using their sites.

Katie Schenkhuizen

Administrative Coordinator

Loves hanging out with her nieces, traveling with friends and quarterbacking our team to get where they need to go.

Jeff Sharon

Graphic Designer

Calmly enjoys avid skiing, complex thinking, new tech, and creating stunning imagery and design.

Sylvia Silva

Epicenter Support Specialist

Enjoys time with her mom, Hawaiian sunsets, all things education and developing relationships with our partners.

Justyne Szymoniak

Program & Accounting Manager

Loves serving her community, Harley roadtrips and orchestrating projects and teams.

Casey Truelove

Epicenter Business Analyst

Values family, friends, and faith, and enjoys helping people optimize their Epicenter experience.

Shelly Veenstra

Finance Manager

Focused on raising her girls, baking and effectively working behind the scenes to help everyone around her succeed.

Michelle Wilson

Board Services Coordinator

Enjoys being an avid soccer and football mom, being on top of every detail, all with a friendly greeting and smile.

Associates & Consultants

Staff photo - round-36
Angelete Melhado, Ph.D.

Board Associate

Staff photo - round-37
Fritz Esch

Board Associate

Staff photo - round-38
Neil Hartman

Board Associate

Patrick Kreger

Board Associate

Melody Strang, Ed.D. 400x400 square blue
Melody Strang, Ed.D.

Board Associate

Kerri Smith
Kerri Smith

Board Associate

Anthony Faulkner

High Tech Consultant

Screenshot 2023-08-22 at 5.32.28 PM
Kim Wells

Academic Performance Specialist

Screen Shot 2021-03-11 at 4.18.02 PM
Jody Ernst

Academic Goals Consultant

Vashaunta Harris
Vashaunta Harris

Academic Goals Consultant

Cindy Schumacher

Finance Consultant

Brian Carpenter, Ph.D.

Board Consultant

Dustin Sommer

School Facilities Consultant

Peri Lynn Turnbull of PLT Strategies-round
Peri Lynn Turnbull

Communications & Advocacy Advisor

Emily Bertelli

Communications & Advocacy Advisor

Bob Bellafiore

Founders Library Consultant

Ember Riechgott Junge
Ember Reichgott Junge

Founders Library Consultant

Jed Wallace

Founders Library Consultant


They are the WHY behind all we do. Our vision is for every student to discover their gifts and experience the transformative power of education.