Authorizer Coaching, Consulting and Capacity Building

Whether you’re looking for assistance with strategy, an external review of your policies and practices, or hands-on support with applications, renewals, interventions, or closures, our team is ready to help get the work done.

Board and School Relations

Successful schools have strong boards and great leaders. We believe the most important thing is to establish clarity about roles and responsibilities—especially between the chief executive and the board.

Support Organization Coaching and Consulting

Engage our experienced team of former CSO founders and executive leadership to guide change initiatives, increase impact, or re-introduce services.

School and Authorizer Relations

Great authorizers and schools ensure they are aligned to win for kids and deliver results. That’s why we coach and consult with new and veteran authorizers and schools across the country. Put our deep experience to work for you and we’ll help you grow and strengthen your capacity.