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The A-GAME Community is open to all board members, leaders of schools and authorizing agencies. Free of charge.

It took a country overcome by a pandemic, divided by politics, and distracted by social media for many of us to realize that schools are responsible for much more than teaching reading, writing and math. Charter school authorizers have the opportunity to influence how schools support their students' recovery by measuring what matters most, which we call the A-GAME: Assess--Global access, Academics, Mission, and Equity and Engagement. Help design these NEXT practices by being at the table.

Join the A-GAME Community to participate in networking and gain access to resources, videos, data, and documents in the A-GAME Community Dashboard in the Charter Network. This community is open to all board members, leaders of schools, authorizing agencies and their advocates, free of charge.

Dates of the 2023-24 Community Meetings are:

  • Feb 14, 2024 from 1:00 - 2:30 EST | Virtual
  • April 3, 2024 from 1:00 - 2:30 EST | Virtual
  • May 2, 2024 at 12:00 - May 3, at 2:30 CDT | In Person: Chicago, IL
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Measure What Matters, When it Matters

COVID has disrupted lives, schools, and the data and information board members and leaders of schools and authorizing agencies are accustomed to using to define "school quality." This disruption is an opportunity to challenge our assumptions and challenge our practices both on the indicators we use to measure school quality and when a school is identified as showing signs of distressThe A-GAME Community of Changemakers provides a safe, confidential, and structured environment for leaders of both schools and authorizers to share experiences and build NEXT practices together.

Are you an Epicenter user? Join Here

The A-GAME Community is open to all board members, leaders of charter schools, authorizers and their advocates, free of charge.

Membership includes:

  • Instant access to the A-GAME Community Dashboard, full of helpful resources, tools and information.
  • Participation in facilitated convenings (virtual and in-person) on current topics of national interest.
  • Exclusive access to A-GAME's state and national performance data for all public schools.
  • Early access to new resources and tools.
  • Two-hours of free expert consultancy with an A-GAME facilitator (e.g., feedback on frameworks, thought partnership, data analysis and more).
  • Discounted rates on all A-GAME services and supports.

Types of Expert Consultancy


For Authorizers | Designing Frameworks

Be one of the 15 authorizing agencies that work with A-GAME facilitators one-on-one to revise your current framework and/or renewal process to incorporate A-GAME's Responsive Goals. By partnering with families and schools and using examples from other authorizers and national data, we support you in creating the oversight atmosphere that will result in schools that are responsive to your families and schools' needs.


For Schools | Unique Goals

Be one of the 9 schools (either independently or in partnership with your authorizer) that works with A-GAME facilitators to create charter-specific goals outside of state or authorizing frameworks to monitor continuous improvement or oversight related to authorizing, funding, or board governance.


For Agencies | Goals to Identify Distressed Schools

Join a cohort of 6 authorizing agencies that will work together and with WestEd facilitators to create customized Indicators of Distress that can help you identify schools that are struggling prior to them falling into Priority Status or have results that could lead to non-renewal.


More A-GAME Services

Authorizer Cohort

Do you have a vision for a new accountability system or more meaningful goals and measures? Do you wish you could collaborate with others to ensure you get it right? If so, this cohort is for you. Matched with two other authorizers who have similar interests and timelines, you will follow a structured process, designed to refine your thinking and turn your vision into action.

Framework Redesign

Are you seeking to redesign your school performance framework to measure what truly matters to your community? The A-GAME Framework redesign expands how you evaluate schools. We go beyond a one-size-fits-all model to one that embraces diversity of mission and learning models.

Differentiated School Goals

If you are ready to engage your schools in a deeper conversation about what truly matters and create responsive goals that are not only relevant and rigorous but also fair and equitable, then this option is for you.

Academic Scorecards

If you are ready to take the mystery out of renewal, then Academic Scorecards are for you. We'll help you make school performance transparent and understandable so all stakeholders can see how schools measure up, even when they have differentiated goals and missions.