Authorizer Services

Great authorizers ensure the schools they charter deliver results. We understand great authorizing is both an art and a science. The 1,015 active authorizers in America differ greatly in their capacity. But they all share three functions in common: gatekeeping, overseeing, and evaluating performance. That's why we coach and consult with new and veteran authorizers around the country. Put our deep authorizing experience to work for you, and we'll help you grow and strengthen your capacity. We'll also help you develop the policies and practices needed to charter, oversee, support and hold accountable a portfolio of quality schools.

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Academic Oversight

Create unique performance goals for your school or portfolio of schools. A-GAME works with schools, boards, and authorizers to create valid and reliable goals that measure each school's unique program. Authorizers can also join the A-GAME Community to network, share experiences, seek advice, and learn.

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Financial Oversight

Are your schools financially healthy? Are they using resources equitably? One of the fastest ways for a school to fail is through financial insolvency. Work with us to develop a risk-based financial oversight monitoring process.

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Operational Oversight

Policies, practices and procedures.

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Equitable Authorizing Practices

When educational leaders use oversight practices that are transparent, community-driven, rigorous, and promote equity, schools will be better for ALL students. Become an Equity Designer through Authorizing for ALL.

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Capacity Building: Authorizer Coaching & Consulting

Whether you’re looking for assistance with strategy, an external review of your policies and practices, or hands-on support with applications, renewals, interventions, or closures, our team is ready to help get the work done.

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Authorizer Board Development

Great authorizers are difference makers for kids and communities. Making high-stakes decisions requires thoughtful deliberation and care. Our experts are here to support you! Leverage our deep expertise and national experience working with authorizers of all types and sizes.

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Policies, Practices & Systems

Whether you’re looking for an external evaluation of your current practices or are new to authorizing and are looking to set up the best systems for your, our team of experienced experts are ready to help. Receive honest, professional, and insightful guidance and resources from experienced authorizers.

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Performance & Operations Platform

From processing charter applications and managing compliance to automating workflow and evaluating performance, Epicenter has everything you need to get results.

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School & Authorizer Relationship

Great authorizers and schools ensure they are aligned to win for kids and deliver results. That’s why we coach and consult with new and veteran authorizers and schools across the country. Put our deep experience to work for you and we’ll help you grow and strengthen your capacity.

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Board Training & Community

Whether you’re a board member or someone who works with a board, this national community is for you. By joining, you’ll have access to specialized tools, resources and trainings, along with opportunities to engage and exchange ideas with experts and peers from around the country.