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Join the conversation and connect with your peers in Charter Chat and acquire best practices from experts across the nation in monthly webinars.

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Access our resource library comprised of a broad range of tools and information created by our experts. Get expert advice and custom services.

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Get specialized resources, tools, webinars and expert engagement when you upgrade to our premium communities.

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A-GAME Community

Free Community for Charter Authorizers, Boards and Schools: Network, share experiences, seek advice, and learn from peers and experts in chartering. This unique community comes together virtually and in person several times a year to create next-practices and customized performance standards to measure what really matters for schools. Access the A-GAME Community and fill-out the form to join this impactful community for free!

Board Network

Board Training & Credentials: Whether you’re a board member or someone who works with a board, this national community is for you. By joining, you’ll have access to specialized tools, resources and trainings, along with opportunities to engage and exchange ideas with experts and peers from around the country.

Epicenter Community

Community for Epicenter Users: Epicenter is a proven online management & operations system for charter school authorizers, boards, schools, management organizations, support organizations, private schools and more. From processing charter applications and managing compliance to automating workflow and evaluating performance, Epicenter has everything you need to get results. The Epicenter Community, on the Charter Network, provides a great place for Epicenter users to communicate, connect and learn. (Open and free to Epicenter users.)

#LEAD: Charter School Leaders Program

Michigan-Only Training & Certification Program: #LEAD is an 18-month training program that provides a broad overview of the knowledge and skills necessary to successfully lead a charter school in Michigan, as well as on-going certification. Get the guidance, resources, connections and certification you need to grow.

By Educators.
For Educators.

From those who brought you Governing for Greatness and Charter Board University, the National Charter Schools Institute's core purpose is to inspire and democratize excellence in education. We want all students to discover their gifts and experience the joy of learning. That's why we are so passionate about our mission.

Through our leadership with professional communities, we are able to share powerful ideas, strategies, tactics and tools that people can put into action. Our work has taken us across the nation - from Washington D.C. to Wisconsin to Hawaii and from Florida to the State of Washington.
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On-Demand Learning

Online trainings and courses are available in our premium programs that will advance and equip you for what's ahead. They are designed to help you earn you credentials you need to move forward.

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Network with specialized experts and peers from across the nation in regular trainings, conversations, webinars and events.

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Access a fine-tuned resource library comprised of expert tools, templates and information to advance your specific needs.

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With On-Demand Learning
On-demand trainings will give you the opportunity to earn state and authorizer required credentials. These trainings are developed by leading national experts in the field who have served on boards, founded schools, lead authorizer organizations, and beyond. This is your source for reliable, relevant, and current information that is developed and shared to advance your board and win for kids!

We are an IACET Accredited Provider and adheres to IACET’s internationally recognized ANSI/IACET Standard for Continuing Education and Training. We may award CEUs and SCECHs based on this accreditation.

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