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Are You Ready to #LEAD?

Formerly known as the Aspiring Leaders Program, the #LEAD: Charter School Leaders Program provides a broad overview of the knowledge and skills necessary to successfully lead a charter school in Michigan, as well as providing certification. Through participation in this program, you will be connected to school leaders, experts, resources, and organizations that will ensure your school’s success.

Get inspired, educated and equipped to become a charter school leaders and achieve your potential to lead with excellence.

What You'll Experience as a Leader in Training

The #LEAD Program is designed to build on the important work that you are already doing in your school. All the activities you will be asked to complete are grounded in real-life work-based experiences and will result in the creation of an online portfolio of practical resources that you can continue to use on the job. Participants will gain:

On-Call Mentor

An on-call school leader mentor will help you develop best practices and provide step-by-step guidance.

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Experienced Instructors

Learn monthly from experienced instructors while accessing online asynchronous instruction with on-the-job examples.

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Helpful Resources

You will build an online portfolio of customized leadership resources that are tailored to your specific needs.


Administrator Certification

Earn K-12 Michigan administrator certification upon successful completion of the program.

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Certification Program

In 2022, the National Charter Schools Institute's #LEAD: Charter School Leaders Program was granted approved program status as a MAPSA cooperative program by the Michigan Department of Education as an alternative route for administrator certification. Upon successful completion, participants in this program may be eligible for certification.

MAPSA cooperative program

#LEAD is a MAPSA cooperative program

Applicant Requirements

Is it your time to RISE? The ideal #LEAD Program candidate is eager to grow leadership skills, is employed by a Michigan charter school, and has the support of school and board leadership. Michigan State Law requires alternative route applicants to possess:

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How to Apply

Applications accepted on a rolling basis - apply now!

$9,850 / per participant

Title II and ESSER funds can be used to help finance your participation in this program. Also, ask your authorizer about sponsorship opportunities.

Apply in 3 Easy Steps

Now accepting applications!

1. Fill out the application

2. Obtain a Letter of Support
   Download Letter of Support Template

3. Submit all required documents.

Contact Mark Weinberg at

We hope that you will take advantage of this outstanding opportunity to improve your charter school leadership skills and connect with people who will push you and inspire you to do great things for our schools and our kids!

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