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The Institute’s partner organization, the Institute for Excellence in Education (IEE) provides coaching and consulting to teachers and school leaders on all matters related to teaching and learning in the classroom. Learn more about their proven approaches to increasing student achievement and continuous school improvement!

The National Charter Schools Institute focuses its coaching and consulting on school leaders and leadership teams. As with boards, we use Jim Collins’ framework Good to Great to inform our work. In this framework, the most impactful leaders are described as level 5 leaders. These leaders motivate their teams “…more with inspired standards than inspired personality.” The key is that leaders can be coached to become a level 5 leader if they are not already there.

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Customized Consulting and Coaching

Each charter school has a unique mission, serves a specific community, and faces unique challenges. The Institute’s approach to school coaching and consulting begins with the board as they hire or contract for their school leadership. We seek to understand a board’s unique circumstance before we propose solutions. We develop customized proposals that range from one-time training of a leader or leadership team, to year-long in person and/or virtual coaching of new and aspiring school leaders.

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