School Services

Orchestrating all of the moving parts of an organization is hard work. Successful leaders take action and inspire others to follow. For schools, success is also dependent on teaching and learning. Our team of passionate professionals is inspiring hearts and minds and working with fellow travelers like you to advance excellence in education. If you're starting a new school, replicating success, solving challenges or seeking to understand best practices, our team stands ready to assist and support people and organizations dedicated to providing quality educational options for all children.

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Coaching | Development | Community
Academic Oversight

Create unique performance goals for your school or portfolio of schools. A-GAME works with schools, boards, and authorizers to create valid and reliable goals that measure each school's unique program. Authorizers can also join the A-GAME Community to network, share experiences, seek advice, and learn.

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Epicenter: Performance & Operations Platform

From processing charter applications and managing compliance to automating workflow and evaluating performance, Epicenter has everything you need to get results.

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Board Network: Board Training & Community

Whether you’re a board member or someone who works with a board, this national community is for you. By joining, you’ll have access to specialized tools, resources and trainings, along with opportunities to engage and exchange ideas with experts and peers from around the country.

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School Coaching & Consulting

Great schools have a number of things in common, key among them is the quality of their leaders. These leaders relentlessly pursue excellence. The Institute can assist schools in retaining, coaching and supporting school leaders.

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School Startup & Growth

Do you have a passion for educating kids? Do you dream of opening a new, innovative school? The team of subject matter experts at the Institute can help every step of the way including, charter application, board recruitment, facility identification, budget preparation, pre-operational project planning, and much more.

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Facilities Consulting

A school’s single largest asset is the facility itself and its sole purpose is serving students programmatically and operationally with fiscal stewardship for the future. Too often Academies are not realizing the incredible opportunities available to maximize their facility and create lasting positive academic and financial change.

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Board Policies & Procedures

If you are seeking best practices or looking for the policies your school must legally adopt, we have what you need. Our policies and procedures are being used on a daily basis in scores of charter schools. Our material is legally grounded, practically tested, and user friendly.

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School & Authorizer Relationship

Great authorizers and schools ensure they are aligned to win for kids and deliver results. That’s why we coach and consult with new and veteran authorizers and schools across the country. Put our deep experience to work for you and we’ll help you grow and strengthen your capacity.

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Board & School Relationship

Successful schools have strong boards and great leaders. We believe the most important thing is to establish clarity about roles and responsibilities--especially between the chief executive and the board.

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Charter School Leaders Program

This training and certification program provides a broad overview of the knowledge and skills necessary to successfully lead a charter school in Michigan, as well as on-going certification.

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Support Organization Coaching & Consulting

Engage our experienced team of former CSO founders and executive leadership to guide change initiatives, increase impact, or re-introduce services.