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Feb 2024 NCSI Website graphics-09
Feb 2024 NCSI Website graphics-11

Jeff Sharon

Graphic Designer

Office: 989-317-3510

About Jeff

From web development to photography to graphic design, Jeff has a talent for making everything looked polished and professional. He has also run several businesses and has experience with creative marketing.

Connected Team

Stephen Dillbeck

Multimedia Designer

Loves his kiddos, extreme biking, new tech, and using intriguing storytelling in video and design.

Wendy Larvick

Director of Policy & Partnerships

Enjoys family, reading, learning and organizing complex projects.

Jill K. Urban

Chief of Staff

Enjoys supporting and nurturing people, teams, family, English bulldogs, and her gardens.

Zac Driver


Enjoys coaching softball, being a family man and helping others problem-solve technology challenges.

Our Dream

All of our nation’s children will dream BIG and have access to the education and encouragement they need to succeed.