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Zac Driver
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Feb 2024 NCSI Website graphics-09
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Zac Driver

Zac Driver

Support Technician

Office: 989-317-3510

About Zac

Zac keeps us up and running with his expertise and knowledge of technology. He handles the complexities of our day-to-day technology needs and systems.

Connected Team

Jacklyn Mullikin

Vice President for Finance & Administration

Loves spending time with family, forecasting and crunching numbers.

Katie Schenkhuizen

Administrative Coordinator

Loves hanging out with her nieces, traveling with friends and quarterbacking our team to get where they need to go.

Justyne Szymoniak

Program & Accounting Manager

Loves serving her community, Harley roadtrips and orchestrating projects and teams.

Shelly Veenstra

Finance Manager

Focused on raising her girls, baking and effectively working behind the scenes to help everyone around her succeed.

Our Dream

All of our nation’s children will dream BIG and have access to the education and encouragement they need to succeed.