The Safe School Six: Safely Maintaining School Operations

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Safely Maintaining School Operations During COVID-19

Our team wants to help everyone we know adjust easily to the repercussions of COVID-19 and the ever-changing information. We have updated our "Safe School 6: Preparing for Reopening Schools After COVID-19" documents to now fit the schools who need to safely maintain operations. The "Safe School 6: Safely Maintaining School Operations During COVID-19" documents, will provide helpful guidance as you remain open for students.

Our team has also developed a COVID-19 Resources page to help with any other questions you may have. Contact us for any further assistance. Let's work together to keep our kids, families, and school communities safe!

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The Safe School Six: Maintaining Operations

As the current COVID-19 outbreak subsides and schools are reopened, several safety measures will need to be put into place to keep students and staff safe. The following protocols are a helpful start for achieving this goal. A local health professional should be consulted to ensure compliance with local regulations.

Safely Maintaining School Operations During COVID-19

This is a detailed list that expands upon The Safe School Six checklist. Together we can keep our kids and staff safe as we reopen.


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