Harvesting Diversity to Create Resourceful Systems

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Join us virtually for this diversity training!

Tensions exist naturally in all social systems. We have been taught to avoid divisive issues and difficult conversations. However, in order to create resourceful communities, we must enhance our ability to explore these tensions.

This 3-day webinar (2 hours & 15 minutes per day) will begin with unpacking and examining our own values and beliefs that may blind us to other perspectives. Participants will then move forward with the exploration and practice of explicit structures, strategies and tools to gracefully navigate difficult conversations.

Talking about diversity in all areas of our lives is now vitally important – for our homes, for our relationships, for our communities, and for the world at large. We owe it to ourselves and to our children to figure out how to have these conversations that are absolutely necessary for the sustainability of humanity.


Participants will walk away with:

  • an enhanced understanding of the importance of this topic
  • an openness to one’s own and others’ beliefs without either person feeling diminished
  • an enhanced confidence and competence in navigating natural tensions of social systems
  • a deepened understanding of self and others and the illusion of separateness
  • a repertoire of structures for using assertiveness strategies and tools to support community-building conversations and productive relationships

April 14, 15, 16, 2021

10AM – 12:15PM Eastern Time



*6.75 SCECH's available for an additional cost

Meet the Presenters

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Carolyn McKanders is a Director Emeritus of Thinking Collaborative. Her passion is promoting quality human relationships through communication, collaboration and leadership skills development.

Carolyn’s background includes 28 years of experience in Detroit Public Schools. Presently, she presents seminars internationally on developing Adaptive Schools, Cognitive Coaching, facilitation skills, and managing system polarities.

She holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Child Development and Education from Michigan State University, a Master of Arts Degree in Counseling and Education from the University of Michigan, and a Master of Social Work Degree in family and children services from Eastern Michigan University.

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Toni Prickett is a national Training Associate for Thinking Collaborative. Her primary focus is building self-directedness in individuals and organizations.

Toni's background includes 20 years in public education. She currently presents Cognitive Coaching, Adaptive Schools, and Presentation Skills. Additionally, she is a trainer for Robert Kegan's constructivistdevelopment work around Immunities to Change.

Toni holds undergraduate and graduate degrees in the area of mathematics education.