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Our experts are working hard to provide live webinars, on helpful topics designed to fit your needs. As educational leaders, we know how hard you work and how little time you have to research every topic you need to know. These helpful webinars will allow you to learn all the tips and tricks you need to know quickly and without leaving your office.

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Wildflower Schools

April 23, 2021

Distinctive Schools

March 19, 2021

DC Bilingual Public Charter School

February 26, 2021

Noble Network of Charter Schools

January 29, 2021

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Measuring School Quality

Naomi Rubin Deveaux

Students' learning has been interrupted and the complexities associated with re-engagement and learning gains will not be captured by standardized state assessments alone. This session is designed for public charter school leaders and authorizers interested in revisiting school goals and academic accountability frameworks used for determining school quality. We will examine how goals are currently constructed, which students are expected to achieve, and consider a new approach that responds to the student population and school's mission.

Evaluating Leadership Virtually

Mark Weinberg and Stephanie Hargens

While school buildings are closed, teaching, learning and leading continued. How should boards or management companies adjust their practices to reflect an environment where most of what the school leader does is accomplished remotelyLearn some tips and tricks from Stephanie Hargens and Mark Weinberg to ensure your evaluation process reflects the unique nature of leadership in this new and ever-changing environment.

Educators as Advocates

Wendy Larvick

Whether it is federal, state, or local policy, charter authorizers are impacted by the decisions of others. The good news is that authorizers can influence this policy. Join the Institute to better understand who makes these policies, how they are crafted, and how your authorizing organization can use its voice and the voices of those they serve to ensure only the best policies get enacted.

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