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Whether it is federal, state, or local policy, charter authorizers are impacted by the decisions of others. The good news is that authorizers can influence this policy. Join the Institute to better understand who makes these policies, how they are crafted, and how your authorizing organization can use its voice and the voices of those they serve to ensure only the best policies get enacted.


Meet the Presenter Wendy Larvick

Director of Policy and Partnerships
With a focus on advocacy of excellence in education for all Michigan children, Wendy joined the Institute in the summer of 2019 as the Director of Policy and Partnerships.  In this role, she helps to lead external relations, communications, and strategic partnerships.

Wendy spent six years with the Michigan Department of Education. Her last position was Chief of Staff for the State Superintendent’s office. She previously served as legislative liaison and supported communications, public relations, and strategic planning.

Before joining the Department, Wendy was an education policy advisor for the Michigan House of Representatives for nine years. She also served as a legislative director, a communications specialist, and as field staff handling fundraising, community events, and messaging for House members.

Wendy’s diverse career began as a classroom teacher. She taught middle school English and Social Studies for five years in both public and private schools. She earned a Bachelor’s in English and a Master’s in Teaching and Curriculum from Michigan State University.