A-GAME Data Visualizer

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Visualize the Difference

With the A-GAME Data Tool

Dear Friends and Colleagues,

The National Charter School Institute and Momentum Strategy & Research are excited to officially announce the A-GAME Data Tool. This interactive data tool is the first of its kind and allows stakeholders to view the typical performance of alternative education campuses (AECs) alone--not aggregated with mainstream public schools.

Though A-GAME strongly encourages the use of additional non-academic and social-emotional assessments for measuring the quality of AECs, we recognize the stakeholders need to understand how AECs perform on the more traditional accountability measures and metrics. The A-GAME Data Tool allows users to view and interact with the performance of AECs on measures of graduation, proficiency, attendance, dropout rates and performance on ACT, SAT, and AP passage among states that publish that data. Data can be filtered by state, subgroups, and different measures within a measurement domain.

A-GAME has attempted to make the Data Tool as user friendly as possible, though we are always open to hearing how we can make it better. We have included on the web page a Data Tool FAQ to help answer questions you might have about definitions and methodology, as well as tips on how to interact with the tool itself.

We hope this is a valuable tool for you to use in your practice and look forward to hearing whether, and how, it has helped to shape your AEC accountability work.

With best wishes,
The A-GAME Leadership Team