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Conquer Politics and Grow the Coalition: Tell Your Story

Presented by Darlene Chambers, Ember Reichgott Junge, Wendy Larvick at the 2020 Independent Charter Schools Virtual Conference.
Telling stories – not just personal stories, but all forms of narrative – is one of the most common ways we can “awaken emotions” and gain support from our legislators, our parents, our communities and the public at large. Not only are stories uniquely powerful and humanizing but they have been statistically shown to make anyone 35% more persuasive. Why? Listening to an argument or statistics makes us a critic but listening to a story invites receptivity. Join our three panel facilitators as they take attendees on a video clip journey to learn that telling your story is more than just “attach the clip link here”. Session goers will learn how to unleash the power of stories one video at a time through engagement and discussion.