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  • Charter School Board University (eBook)


    Charter School Board University is a comprehensive ‘how-to’ for charter school board members. Written by Dr. Brian L. Carpenter, CEO, the book also serves as the foundation for the Institute’s board training seminars. Charter public school boards across the country have retained the Institute and use University as their guide to effective charter school board governance.

    The book has been heralded as a ‘must read’ and described as a concise, engaging and easy to read book by the nation’s most recognized and respected names in the charter public school sector.

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  • The Seven Outs: Strategic Planning Made Easy for Charter Schools (eBook)


    JUST THE WORDS “STRATEGIC PLANNING” are enough to make some board members and school executives feel swamped. The process is usually long, boring, and largely without results—unless you count a five-inch-thick vinyl notebook collecting dust on a shelf as an achievement. Don’t mire your board and executive in writing a plan that is tedious, dull, and loaded with administrivia—three adjectives that could have been invented to describe the typical strategic plan. This book offers another way—The Seven Outs.