2024 Winter & Spring A-GAME Convenings

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A-GAME 2024 Winter & Spring A-GAME Convenings

Redefining Quality, Empowering Change: Transforming Education through Disruption, Equity, and Innovation.

This year, the A-GAME is focusing on disrupting traditional notions of quality in education to be student-centered, challenging existing frameworks, and advocating for transformation and innovation that benefit all students. We invite you to join us as we emphasize the critical role of equity and the need to redefine it within the context of charter authorizing and charter school policies. Additionally, we will be showcasing schools that have successfully embodied this innovative approach to setting challenging and targeted goals of school success and explores the intersection between Indicators of Distress: Early Warning Systems and A-GAME in defining quality and attaining and sustaining high quality.

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In-Person Convening

Join your peers in Chicago, IL, from 12:00pm May 2 through 3:00 pm May 3 (Thursday and Friday). NACSA will cover the registration cost for the first 50 NACSA member organizations. Sign-up soon!

Virtual Convening Recording: April 3, 2024

This A-GAME Convening aims to explore the transformative power of Indicators of Distress (IoD) in shaping sustainable educational practices. Too often, we wait for schools to fail to identify them for improvement strategies. What would happen if schools could identify and address potential concerns before impacting student learning?

Virtual Convening Recording: Feb 14, 2024

Watch the inaugural session of A-GAME's season of convening, where we delve into the fascinating origin story of "Indicators of Distress" (IoD). Under the overarching theme, "Refining Quality, Empowering Change for All Students: Transforming Educational Measures, Frameworks, and Policies," this event marks the beginning of a series that challenges traditional notions of school oversight and quality measurements.

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