Virtual Convening: April 3, 2024

This A-GAME Convening aims to explore the transformative power of Indicators of Distress (IoD) in shaping sustainable educational practices. Too often, we wait for schools to fail to identify them for improvement strategies. What would happen if schools could identify and address potential concerns before impacting student learning?


About the Convening:

Under the capable guidance of our hosts - Naomi DeVeaux, Jody Ernst, Aimee Evan, Lisa Bergman, and Vashaunta Harris - and the A-GAME Early Adopters - this 90-minute session promises to disrupt current theories of school improvement. Through candid discussions based on real experiences, participants will reimagine what "Authorizer Support" and "Turn around" could look like in NEXT practices. Join school leaders, authorizers, and board members to uncover how schools can be supported and encouraged rather than regulated.




I. Introduction

- Welcome and Overview of A-GAME and IoD

- A-GAME calendar/convenings/updates for this year; invite your colleagues and friends!!!

- Overview of the Guiding Question: "Can Indicators of Distress be the solution?"


II.  Panel discussion between a school leader and authorizer exploring Indicators of Distress and its implications on school autonomy


III. Breakout Session 1: Getting on the same page

- Connecting Prior Discussions and Learnings

- Relating the Impact of Distress and Closure to Effective Strategies and Early Intervention

- Linking Preparedness, Prevention, Response to Indicators of Distress and School Improvement


IV. Understanding Indicators of Distress (IoD) v. Indicators of Failure (IoF)

- Differentiating Between IoD and IoF

- Clarifying the Roles and Intervention Points

- NEXT Practices: Benefits, challenges, possibilities, and innovations for authorizers, school leaders, and board members


V. Breakout Session 2 

- Differentiating between IoD and IoF and determining when, why, how, and who should intervene

- NEXT Practices: Benefits, challenges, possibilities, and innovations for authorizers, school leaders, and board members


VI. Interactive Segment: How to Put IoD and IoF into Action? 


VII. Summary and Call to Action (5 minutes) 

- Brief Recap of Key Discussion Points from Virtual Sessions

- Emphasize the Importance of Collaboration and Continued Dialogue (In Chicago!)

- Encouragement for Actionable Steps and Further Exploration: The Challenge

- Thanking Participants and Closing Remarks


Don't miss this opportunity to be part of a collaborative exploration into the practical application of IoD and IoF in sustaining educational improvement. Register now to secure your spot in this vital conversation.


We look forward to your active participation!

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