Innovative School Model Series – Noble Network of Charter Schools

Committed to Success and Equity for all Students
The Noble Network of Charter Schools team shares their successful to-and-through college model, the thoughtful adjustments they have made through the unprecedented time of COVID-19, and their approach to ensuring that diversity, equity, and inclusion are at the forefront of their policies, strategy, and approach.

Noble is a Chicago based system of charter public schools serving 12,500 students across 18 campuses. Noble has been recognized as a national leader in education sending on average 90% of its graduates to college each year.

In 2019, MIT researchers found that students who attended Noble grew more academically than similar peers who attended selective enrollment schools. In the annual CPS school ratings, Noble schools earned 10 of the top 12 spots for all high schools in Chicago including selective enrollment schools. Chicago Magazine named Noble schools as 13 of the top 40 high schools in Chicago and U.S. News and World Report named five Noble campuses in their top 50 schools in the entire state of Illinois.

In recent years, Noble has committed to reexamining its model to ensure students have equitable and positive experiences that prepare them to succeed in college or on other paths of their choice. Using lenses of diversity, equity and inclusion, Noble has adjusted its practices, policies, and strategies in pursuit of that vision and continues to evolve to best serve Chicago students and families.